About the Clinic

The Stirling Weight Loss clinic, located at BMI Kings Park Hospital, is a consultant-led multidisciplinary service caring for the needs of patients with obesity problems.
The clinic is led by Mr Christopher Shearer, Consultant General and Bariatric Surgeon and Dr Chris Kelly, Consultant Endocrinologist.

The clinic offers both surgical and non-surgical weight loss solutions.

The clinic is also supported by Dr Vivien Swanson, Consultant Psychologist, Ms Kathryn Fraser, Dietician, Ms Anne Clarke, Dietician and Ms Kristin Henderson, Exercise Consultant.

The Stirling Weight Loss clinic benefits from an experienced doctor on-site 24 hours a day to support patient care and a fully qualified nursing, clinical and support team plus diagnostic and treatment technology relevant to the patient procedures undertaken.



Stirling Weight Loss
Why choose us?
Experienced surgeons
Dietician support
Exercise support
Psychological support
Specialist equipment
2 year after care package
Privacy of private room
Friendly and safe environment
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